Fitness Collection

Fall in love with the Best Activewear! Our firm compression fabrics offers superior flattering fit, comfort, and support. So you can perform at your best. Every single day. 

Plie Fitness Collection Benefits

🤎 Total comfort during movement

🤎 Breathability of the fabric improve your performance during the exercise

🤎 Make you feel really snug and supported

🤎 Holds everything together and nothing jiggling around.

Made with SUPPLEX®
High Performance

Constructed from firm-hold performance Supplex® fabric for support and a form-flattering silhouette, Plie Fitness gives total comfort and the ability to be worn time and time again while retaining It's shape and colour.

We love SUPPLEX® for its high compression quality, durability and versatility.

This is a material that can be scraped against a rock but not rip, can survive an afternoon rain shower but not get soaked, can be blinded by the sun but not fade in colour.