Why do women need shapewear? - A Perspective from Pliē Australia

In today's fashion-forward world, the desire to look and feel our best is more prominent than ever. Shapewear has become an essential item in many women's wardrobes, offering a range of benefits beyond just a slimmer silhouette. At Pliē Australia, we understand the multifaceted reasons why women opt for shapewear and how it can POSITIVELY impact their lives. Let's delve into why shapewear has become a staple and how it can enhance both appearance and confidence.

1. Confidence Boost

One of the primary reasons women turn to shapewear is for the confidence it brings. The right shapewear can smooth out lumps and bumps, creating a more streamlined look under clothing. This immediate transformation can boost self-esteem, making women feel more poised and assured in their outfits. Whether it's a form-fitting dress for a special occasion or everyday work attire, the confidence boost from wearing shapewear can be empowering.

2. Enhancing Natural Curves

Shapewear is designed not just to slim but also to enhance natural curves. By enhancing curves, shapewear allows women to embrace and celebrate their bodies.

3. Posture and Support

Another significant benefit of shapewear is the support it provides. Many shapewear garments are constructed with targeted compression, which can help improve posture. Better posture not only contributes to a more elegant and confident appearance but also can alleviate back pain and reduce strain on the spine. This is especially beneficial for women who spend long hours sitting or standing during the day.

4. Postpartum Support

For new mothers, shapewear can provide much-needed support and comfort. Emana® Highwaist and Recovery Shorts from Pliē Australia was designed to help repairing and supporting the abdominal and pelvic area as the body recovers from childbirth. It can also provide a gentle reminder to maintain good posture, which is crucial during the recovery period. By offering both physical support and a confidence boost, postpartum shapewear can be an invaluable tool for new mums.


Shapewear has evolved from a niche undergarment to a must-have item for many women, thanks to its ability to enhance confidence, support natural curves, and improve posture. At Pliē Australia, we are committed to providing high-quality, comfortable shapewear that meets the diverse needs of women everywhere. By understanding the various benefits shapewear offers, women can make informed choices that enhance their beauty and well-being. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, the right shapewear can be a game-changer, helping women look and feel their absolute best.