Discover a new level of CONFIDENT with Plié’s everyday compression and shapewear

Comfortable. Supportive. Slimming.

Because we all deserve to live our best kind of beautiful.
Plié is for women of all shapes and sizes. Plié is for you.

Plié started 20 years ago with a vision.

To give every woman the foundation to a perfect look.

To unite more women with their innate confidence and femininity.

No matter what shape or size, age or stage of life.

What started out ambitiously, has quickly taken the world by storm.

Today, Plié compression and shapewear is still 100% Brazilian-designed and made.

What’s changed?

It’s trusted by millions of women in 60+ countries

And we’ve finally arrived in Australia.

Globally-renowned compression and shapewear

How a chance encounter with Plié shapewear turned lives upside down. In a good way.

Plié journey began in 2019.

Monica embarked on an impromptu family trip to Indonesia. Her 2-year-old in tow, her second one on the way. With her belly getting bigger and bigger, she was searching for maternity wear. Because spontaneous trips often mean ill-prepared packing.

What she was looking for turned out to be hard to find. She wanted something supportive for her back, something breathable that looked the part.

Thankfully a friend introduced her to Plié and the rest is history.

The problem?
Plié was unheard of in Australia

So Monica set out to bring Plié compression and shapewear to Australia.

The same shapewear that’s helped millions of women globally to live their best kind of beautiful.

And Monica did it.
Despite a global pandemic.
With my husband and our team to back us up.
Selling out our launch batch almost instantly.

We opened the doors to Plié Australia in October 2020. As a true family affair.

And we couldn’t be more excited for what’s ahead of us.


Customer Love


Love this Emana short from Plie Australia, I wear it almost everyday and use it for sleeping too, feel more comfortable and hold up my tummy and I don't feel want to snack while am wearing it. Can't help it want to more collection of Plie Australia. Thank you Plie Australia


Super High Waist, Comfortable, No more muffin top!

I am a big fan of High Waist Leggings and owned many pieces from different brands. This one also tucked in tummy and back fat so wonderfully! The regular waist length always cut into my tummy and made me feel so uncomfortable. Plie leggings though is Super High, I love how it stop just under your bra. It's not the easiest thing to put on because it is tight but once its on it feels amazing! The bottom part is not squat proof - so I do wear longer top with it.


Totally different!

This is the first time i wear corset & not feeling any problem with it! I can wear it like 6 hours a day without any pain!! Love it! So conform

Vanessa Limandy

Control Compression Corset

feel so comfortable yet tight as well 

Katherine Tjin

Very good ! Shaping Tank Top

Love this shaping tank top! Its feel so comfortable and i really recommend it!!


It’s powerful. That’s why we love it.

The Plié Difference

We are body positive.
Plié is for women of all shapes and sizes. You’re so very welcome here. In all your glory!
We are cutting-edge.
Every Plié comfort and shapewear piece is the perfect blend of the latest technologies, premium fibres and seamless designs.
We are for the everyday.
Plié compression and shapewear will support you through all stages of your life.
We are eco-friendly.
At Plié Australia we’re making a conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment. We’re not perfect yet. But we thrive to get there.