Seamless Maternity Wear Collection

Seamless Maternity Wear Collection


The safe way to support the many shifts within your body during and after pregnancy.

From the early days of pregnancy to your postpartum journey
We’re your extra flexible confidence boost

And our maternity shapewear range is here to support you through your entire pregnancy

And all the changes that go with growing and breastfeeding a baby.


    Fall in love with maternity wear that...

    🤎 Embraces your curves through all stages of pregnancy
    🤎 Relieves those pregnancy and post-partum niggles
    🤎 Hugs you with soft, stretchy fabric
    🤎 Stimulates the blood flow
    🤎 Improves your posture
    🤎 Supports your back

    All with hydrophilic treatment that allows your sensitive skin to breathe.

    With Emana Recovery High Waist Shorts :

    Settle into new-mum life quicker, knowing that your back and uterus support is taken care of.

    The moderate compression supports recovery from abdominal muscle separation and helps relieve post-birth niggles.

    Seamless, no stitches, no fin, no velcro for maximum comfort and use it daily.

    Recommend to use in day 3 after birth. Depends on your circumstances as well.

    Extra Support your back dan reducing pain.

    When you can start wearing Pliē Postpartum?

    Pliē Postpartum is really safe to be worn starting from day 3 after vagina delivery or day 5 after C-section. The Postpartum Shorts are Seamless, have no stitches, and no velcro. That makes it really comfortable for your daily support while breastfeeding, caring for your baby and doing any other activities.