Emana Collection

Emana® is Solvay’s polyamide 6.6-based smart yarn, containing bioactive minerals that works with the natural body heat, leading to improved blood circulation, reduction of cellulite appearances, and improvement of muscle recovery. To get maximum results, it is recommended to wear garments made with Emana® for at least 6 hours a day, for 30 consecutive days. 

Control Collection

Perfected over 19 years, Pliē Control Collection combined innovative technology and precision to provide you with greater compression in all the right places with maximum comfort, giving you a smooth, flattering silhouette. It shapes you up without tightening, flattens your tummy and shapes your waistline, reduces abdomen and thighs measurements, as well as improves your posture and supports the lower back. Reveal your curves with pride! 

Control Compression Collection

is post surgery products, with pieces developed in a stronger fabric for aesthetic purposes. People with excess skin after losing an enormous amount of weight or people who has underwent liposuction or breast enhancement will greatly benefit from it. The continual external pressure on the deep tissue keeps the skin smooth and evenly compressed, minimises the chances of sagging and the formation of unwanted creases. Made from super-microfiber Amni and lycra fiber for shaping and comfort and premium Nilit® Nylon 6.6 yarn for superb quality that last.  

Control Skin Collection

This collection offers double fabric for greater compression and mini galvanised steel fins, so that the piece does not roll down.

The special finish makes the hem invisible even under very tight clothing, without losing the compression on the thighs. 

Maternity Collection

provides light, stretchy fabric that accommodates all stages of pregnancy. 
The pieces designed for women to wear during pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding period. Pliē gives support to accompany your growing belly and breasts during this special moment with extreme comfort.

Our maternity leggings and medium length shorts help to avoid friction between the legs and put compression on the legs to stimulate the blood flow, up from the legs towards the heart. This will help to prevent or minimise varicose veins formation. Our most loved maternity high waist panties and shorts give gradual support around the belly, to help support the weight of your growing baby, prevent lower back pain and pelvic joint pain, as well as improve your posture.

Pliē Maternity Bra supports your breasts from pregnancy, postpartum, and during breastfeeding. It is breathable and keeps the breast area dry. It is free of allergy as breastfeeding mother has very sensitive nipples. The correct nursing bra will help new mothers to breastfeed with comfort. 

Made with premium Nilit® Nylon 6.6 fibers, Pliē Maternity Collection is soft to the skin and will help to ease any discomfort you may experience during this precious time. 

Shades Collection

Pliē Shades Collection is the perfect balance between innovation and sophistication. The double layer of the premium shine and satin touch fabric ensures immediate shaping effect with greater compression and total comfort.

Extra Compression, extra fine double layer fabric, and extra sexy with lace. 

The 2 mini galvanised steel fins were developed so that these shorts won’t roll down even when faced with unexpected moves and to maintain its impeccable posture and the different points of compression were studied to delicately sculpt its contours.

Fitness Collection

Constructed from firm-hold performance Supplex® fabric for support and a form-flattering silhouette, Pliē Fitness gives total comfort and the ability to be worn time and time again while retaining its shape and colour. This is the material that can be scraped against a rock but not rip, can survive an afternoon rain shower but not get soaked, can be blinded by the sun but not fade in colour.