Plie Differentiation

Why choose Plie? Discover all the Advantages that Plié Offers 

Modern, Comfortable & Seamless 

Seamless or with no stitches, are lingerie or fashion pieces made with the use of cutting edge machines that allow the combination of different threads and stitches. This manipulation of threads and stitches allows different levels of fabric elasticity in different parts of the same piece, and the result are modern and very comfortable pieces. 

Premium 6.6 Nylon Fibers & Special Lycra 

Premium 6.6 Nylon fibers from Nilit® and Rodhia/Solvay for Plié shapewear production. The waist and bra base finishings are made with a special Lycra that has a “memory” effect. This way, no matter how much the product is stretched during its use, it always return to its start position, keeping its level of compression unchanged, preventing the progressive stretching of the product. The fibers used in our products allow: 

Transpiration and thermoregulation: Nilit®  Nylon 6.6 microfibers  allows greater freshness and efficient moisture management, keeps the user dry for a longer time, they are also hypoallergenic. 

Comfort: Nilit® Nylon 6.6 microfibers are flexible, soft and hydrated, providing superior comfort to the user, who can use them for a long time and feel good. 

Durability: Nylon 6.6 has good toughness, less pilling and better abrasion resistance, lasts longer and looks good even after many washes. 

Anti-Odor: Nylon 6.6 eliminates the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odor, making the user feel fresh even if it is worn all day. 

Safety: Nilit® Nylon 6.6 yarn are certified by Oeko-Tex 100 class 1, which means that the garment is safe for the skin and can even be worn by a baby. 

Hydrophilic Treatment 

Even though the name is suggestive it is not as impressive as its function decoding, this is a treatment that is given to the fabric’s thread to make sweat evaporation easier preventing moisture to stay in contact with the body. All Plié pieces receive hydrophilic treatment. With this treatment, the skin will always be dry preventing the spread of bacteria that cause allergies and gynecological problems. Fabric does not overheat and allows the skin to breathe freely. Plié is the only lingerie with the hydrophillic treatment. Important feature as shapewear is to be worn over long period of time. 

High Quality Material & Strict Quality Control 

Another important advantage is the strict quality control in all manufacturing processes, Plié pieces undergo quality analyses, this is present through the products that go to the shops: they are quality lingerie with an index of defects with low representation.

Reduce Cellulite 

About 95% of woman will complain that they have some degree of cellulite. We can reduce cellulite by using the most cutting-edge products, EMANA® fiber developed by french company Rhodia. EMANA® built with bioactive crystals that absorb the human body heat to return it in the form of long infrared rays, these rays penetrate into the skin and interact with the body, stimulating blood microcirculation and cellular metabolism that will result in reduction of cellulite appearance, improvement of skin smoothness, increase of skin firmness and elasticity, collagen synthesis and skin microcirculation enhancement, and the effect will be everlasting.