Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts
Emana® High Waist Shorts

Emana® High Waist Shorts

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Shape your body with absolute comfort all day, everyday! As your body emits energy & body heat, the mineral embedded fabric Emana® emanates far infrared rays back to the skin, stimulates the blood circulation, improves skin's elasticity, and reduces the appearance of cellulite*.

Science and beauty bound together to shape your body with absolute comfort all day, everyday.

Highly recommended for postpartum mothers. C-section or normal delivery. Seamless and save to use. The compression supports abdominal muscle separation recovery and eases post-baby aches and pains as well as push out blood discharge faster. Helps to managing daily task by give back support and uterus support.

What make Emana® High Waist Shorts our best-seller? 

  • Emana® yarn promotes bio stimulation of metabolism and reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Anti odor technology eliminates the growth of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Flattens your tummy and shapes your waistline.
  • Reduces abdomen and thighs measurements.
  • Repairs abdominal muscle separation after birth. 
  • Balanced compression with pre-shaped buttocks area.
  • Improves posture and supports the lower back.
  • No-slip double silicone strap, preventing it from rolling down. 
  • No side seams.
  • Prevents chafing between the legs.
  • Hem that prevents marking on the legs.
  • Hygienic opening with overlapping fabric for ease when nature calls.
  • Hydrophilic treatment that allows the skin to breath freely and keeps the body dry.
  • Product Code: 50070.

Firmness Rating:

To obtain the cosmetic benefits, it is necessary to wear a garment with Emana® for at least 6 hours a day for 30 consecutive days

80% Polyamide.
15% Elastane.
5% Cotton.

Care Instructions
Use a laundry bag to machine wash on a short cycle (up to 40 mins) on cold or at 40 degrees.
Dry in the shade. Never tumble dry.
Do not bleach.

Unsure of your size?
We’ve got you covered. 
Please follow your hips measurement to choose the size.

For sizing advice, please send your measurements to hello@plieaustralia.com.au.

Sizing Example, Picture available
Model Kate. Height 174cm, weight 115kg, hips measurement 132cm, wear size XL.
Model Alisha. Height 167cm, weight 67kg, hips measurement 99cm, wear size M.

Sizing Example, Picture not available.
Customer A. Height 155cm, weight 57kg, hips measurement 92cm, use size M.
Customer B. Height 153cm, weight 96kg, hips measurement 125cm, use size XL.
Customer C. Height 160cm, weight 70kg, hips measurement 104cm, waist 87cm, use size L.
Customer D. Height 150cm, weight 83kg, hips measurement 113cm, waist 97cm, use size L. 

     Unsure of your size? We’ve got you covered.

    For Shorts and Leggings, please follow your hips measurement. 

    If you are unsure or in-between sizes, we recommend you to choose your regular size. For those who like extra compression, take a look at our Control collection, which provides you with greater compression. 

    Functional lingerie should be worn in the right size, never smaller. Smaller sizes will cause the remaining body tissue to go somewhere else, creating undesired volumes and bulges that will certainly compromise the outfit. 


    If you don't know your measurement, please take a look of size conversion below for shorts and leggings. 

    Note : If your measurements in between two sizes we recommend selecting the size that corresponds with your hip measurement.

    Plie Size Convertion

    Sizing for items with padded bra. 
    Such as : Control Skin Tank Top with Padded Bra, Control Body, Shades Body Boxer. 

    Plie Size Chart With Pad Items

    Prefer personal fit advice?
    Simply send your measurements to hello@plieaustralia.com.au.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 49 reviews

    These shorts have gentle compression which have aided in my postpartum recovery. They provide support to my lower back, making lifting and moving with a newborn easier. They are comfortable to wear all day and give a beautiful, smooth shape. Highly recommend for any new mamas!

    Laura Clendon

    The best shorts, so comfortable to wear and help smooth everything out and give me a much more flattering shape!

    Ana caroline
    Must have item in closet!

    So in love with the material and very comfortable to wear👍
    You guys should try it and will love it. Highly recommend!

    Great customer service too in helping me to find my right size, very prompt reply. Thanks Plie!

    Lenny Maryana
    Finally a shapewear that doesn’t roll down!

    Just received my Emana shorts today. The material is so smooth and comfortable to wear. I finally found a shapewear that doesn’t roll down. It gives an instant look of smoother tummy and sleeker silhouette. Will buy more!

    Patricia Conca
    Buttery soft shorts

    These high waisted shorts feel so buttery soft and provide such great back support. Being 9 months postpartum myself, these shorts hug all the right places whilst still feeling comfortable enough to move around freely. Such a beautiful product.

    Daily Compression Shapewear

    Plié’s answer to supportive everyday confidence and comfort
    At work. At home. Wherever life takes you.
    The foundation to the perfect look

    Our Emana and Control compression shapewear ranges are designed with state-of the-art technology that...

    ♥ Becomes invisible underneath any outfit
    ♥ Refines your curves with compression
    ♥ Allows unrestricted movement
    Improves your body posture
    ♥ Means your outfit glides on
    ♥ Lets your skin breath freely
    Hides any cellulite

    Everything you need to embrace your curves on a daily basis.

    Nilit® Nylon 6.6 microfibers 
    What’s the secret?

    Transpiration and thermoregulation
    Unrivalled freshness and superior moisture management make this compression shapewear hypoallergenic and allow your skin to breathe freely

    Lasting comfort
    The microfibres in our compression shapewear are convincingly flexible and soft for second-skin comfort all day long

    Convincing durability
    Compression shapewear that looks and feels great for longer with less pilling and tried-and-tested abrasion resistance

    Feel fresher all day long by eliminating the bacteria that cause body odour

    Our compression shapewear is certified by Oeko-Tex 100 class 1, which makes it 100% skin-safe

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